What is it?

TerraPhos™ is a slow-release, gentle fertilizer which contains the three primary plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as balanced calcium and magnesium micronutrients. TerraPhos™ is also an environmentally-friendly fertilizer, in more ways than one. It is produced by the PhredTM system, which recovers nutrients found in livestock manure for reuse elsewhere. Since this source is renewable, TerraPhos™ is more sustainable than synthetically produced fertilizers.  Furthermore, the slow release characteristic limits the amount of nutrients than can be washed into lakes and streams during a storm.


What makes it so cool?

The primary component in TerraPhos™ is a naturally occurring compound called struvite.  The crystalline structure of struvite slowly breaks down in the soil releasing nutrients.  This natural breakdown gives TerraPhos™ its slow release characteristic, and is different from most slow release fertilizers whose release is controlled by a polymer or some other synthetic coating. This property gives it the unique ability to be a highly effective yet gentle fertilizer.  This slow release nature gives TerraPhos™ a degree of safety above common, readily soluble fertilizers when used with seedlings.


Why do plants like it?

The high phosphorus in TerraPhos™ makes it ideal for young plants and seedlings to enhance root development, particularly in poor soils.  Furthermore, phosphorus is vital for energy storage and transfer within plants.  Phosphorus limited plants will experience slowed growth and vigor.


The presence of calcium and magnesium micronutrients is unique to TerraPhos compared to most commercial fertilizers.  Calcium provides some regulation of cation uptake, and is important in the structure and permeability of cell membranes.  Calcium can also improve soil structure.  Magnesium is a primary component of chlorophyll, and therefore required for photosynthesis.  Magnesium is also involved in most phosphate interactions within the plant.   


Using TerraPhos™

TerraPhos™ is most effective when it is incorporated into the soil.  It can be applied prior to planting or during planting.  The granular nature of TerraPhos™ allows it to be handled and spread similar to any other granular fertilizer.   The amount of TerraPhos™ to use will depend on the plant being grown, soil quality, and other fertilizers used, and should be part of a comprehensive plant nutrition program. We can help you determine the most advantageous rate for your situation. 


How do I get some?

Bulk TerraPhos™ is sold by KEMA.  Please contact KEMA to inquire about purchasing, obtaining a sample, or if you have any questions about TerraPhos™.